ColorFusion Ambient Light System for Mercedes-Benz C/GLC Class Coupe - Illuminate Your Drive in Style"

8,173 dh 19,894 dh



Brand Name: Auchikj


Item Type: Atmosphere lamp

Model Name: W205

Voltage: 12V

Certification: CE


if your car no original ambient light, please contact us to buy one OBD for coding.

LHD: steering wheel on the left side ; RHD:  steering wheel one the right side.

To make sure this item will fit your vehicle before you purchase.Please tell us the below informations, it can help us 100% send a correct item to you.

-- please tell us year and model of your car, such as "My car is 2018 C Class W205 "

-- please tell us whether your car has original ambient light and how many colors.

-- If you want to buy 64-color set, please tell us whether your car ambient light is the original car comes with or you installed later.

-- please send us some your car inner pictures.

Regarding tariffs. According to EU policy, all EU countries, if the order exceeds a certain amount, your country will charge the corresponding tariff.This is the policy of the EU, which we cannot decide. Paying import duties is the buyer's obligation, just like we export, paying export duties is the seller's obligation, and we are also subject to tariffs, which is the policy of each country.

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